Changes to work health and safety laws

17 May 2012

New work health and safety laws introduced in New South Wales this year affect anybody who undertakes work for the University, as well as students and visitors.

The new laws aim to be more straightforward, address the needs of today's workplaces and bring about greater consistency in standards with different jurisdictions across Australia.

The University has made some changes to ensure alignment between the way we manage health and safety matters and the new regulatory framework.

'Work health and safety' (WHS) replaces the term 'occupational health and safety' (OHS) in the legislation. Accordingly, the University's OHS Office has been renamed Work Health and Safety Services.

The legislation outlines the WHS responsibilities related to specific roles and standards of care associated with specific activities in a workplace.

View a summary of the changes that are relevant to us and updated duty of care checklists that outline individual WHS responsibilities on the revamped WHS website.

The University's Occupational Health & Safety Policy is being updated to reflect the legislative changes, and we are using this opportunity to finetune our procedures to ensure they are simple and effective.

If you have any questions, please contact your WHS adviser.