Choose a secure password

21 June 2012

Reduce the risk of having your UniKey account compromised by choosing a secure password.

Your UniKey gives access to your personal details in MyHRonline, and also provides access to other University resources. It is important you choose a strong, secure password to protect your private information.

To help ensure you have a strong password:

  • change your password regularly - at least every six months
  • take a sentence and turn it into a password: 'this little piggy went to market' could become "tlWENT2m".

You should avoid the following:

  • using dictionary words as your password
  • including your name and/or date of birth in your password
  • sharing your personal UniKey login details
  • writing your password down\
  • responding to emails that request confirmation of your username and password credentials.

To change your UniKey password now, visit the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) website.

Please note that the ICT Helpdesk only allows a change of password by phone or in person after asking a range of security questions.