Guard against theft

26 July 2012

While the University is generally a safe place, from time to time some thefts still occur. You can dramatically decrease your likelihood of becoming a target for theft by following some simple tips.

  • Items left exposed on desks, tables or in general areas such as libraries and computer labs are areas often targeted by thieves on campus. The best way to protect your items is to keep them with you.
  • Lock your office door and take your key with you. Most laptop and computer theft occurs in unsecured offices.
  • Don't prop open doors. Most thieves enter through doors that have either been propped open or left unlocked for ease of re-entry.

It only takes a moment. Don't become a victim: think about your security and either secure your items or keep them with you.

If you do have an item stolen at the University, or see any suspicious activity, please report it to the Campus Security Unit on 9351 3487 or 1800 063 487. Information on safety and security is available on the Campus Infrastructure Services website.