Save on course fees

9 August 2012

If you or one of your family members are considering studying at the University of Sydney - to gain a new skill, expand your knowledge or follow a personal interest - you may be able to save on course fees through salary packaging.

Course fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses (including the upfront student contribution amount for a course of study which, if not paid, will result in a Higher Education Contribution Scheme/Higher Education Loan Program debt), and for Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) courses, can be salary packaged.

Salary packaging gives you the flexibility to replace some of your cash income with various benefits. Visit the Human Resources website to find out more about salary packaging University of Sydney course fees or check out other benefits you can salary package at the University. Or attend a salary packaging workshop on campus.

If you are interested in investigating the range of courses available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, please come to Open Day or use our Find a course online prospectus.

Find out more about our short courses and training on the CCE website.