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  • Crawford Fund 2014 - Ethics, Efficiency and Food Security: Feeding the 9 Billion, Well[11 September 2014]

    Crawford Fund 2014

    Food insecurity, poverty and hunger were recently the topic of conversation with students from the Faculty of Veterinary Science and Faculty of Agriculture and the Environment representing the University of Sydney at the Crawford Fund's 2014 Parliamentary Conference 'Ethics, Efficiency and Food Security: Feeding the 9 Billion, Well' in Canberra on August 26th. More

  • Reinvention on Change Management[26 August 2014]

    Shashanna and 2011 LMC Class

    Shashanna Evans, facilitator of the Veterinary Public Health Management VETS7026 Leadership Managing Change and VETS7028 Leadership Skills courses, shares more about why online teaching with exceptional people from diverse backgrounds is a phenomenal experience. More

  • Applying Change Management to Improving Smallholder Farmer Biosecurity and Animal Production[25 August 2014]

    James treating a sick dog with Sharie Avisio in Luang Prabang

    Catch up with James Young as he shares how undertaking the Veterinary Public Health Management program helped him discover ways to improve animal health and production in Cambodia and Laos… More

  • Study to look at link between pet abuse and domestic violence [18 August 2014]

    Dr Lydia Tong

    University of Sydney vet Dr Lydia Tong has shown vets how to tell the difference between bone fractures caused by accidents and those caused by abuse. More

  • The Dr John Holt Scholarship for Animal Welfare[12 August 2014]

    Caring for animals

    The Dr John Holt scholarship for Animal Welfare has recently been announced. This scholarship will support an outstanding student in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, providing $6,000 per year for study in the DVM program. More

  • New artwork for Faculty[1 August 2014]

    Detail of Aboriginal artwork

    This week, the Faculty of Veterinary Science unveiled two paintings by Aboriginal artists. More

  • Discovering how pandas browse[23 July 2014]

    Panda in the snow

    Recent research by Professor David Raubenheimer and colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has discovered why pandas like to browse a selection of their favourite bamboo food. More

  • New scholarship offered for a rural student[27 June 2014]

    rural student with chicken

    The Faculty of Veterinary Science is pleased to announce The Swan Family Scholarship. More

  • Scholarship - Koala Health Hub[24 June 2014]

    Koala Hub

    The Koala Health Hub at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney, is offering one full stipend (standard APA rates) and one top-up scholarship ($5000) to support postgraduate students in PhD studies investigating aspects of koala health. More

  • Adventures in nutritional ecology[13 June 2014]

    Professor David Raubenheimer

    On Friday 6 June Professor Raubenheimer will present the JD Stewart lecture and outline from his research and that of collaborators what nutritional ecologists are discovering as they investigate how nutrients influence the relationships between animals and their environment, from an ecological and evolutionary perspective. More

  • Rewarding our donor cats[8 May 2014]

    New Cat Enclosure

    In the Faculty of Veterinary Science, we want to do the best for all animals, but sometimes there are special furry friends who need a little extra. Thanks to some hard work, dedication and passion, five very important cats can now enjoy luxury day accommodation and a greatly improved quality of life. More

  • Call for action on harmful preservatives in pet food [29 April 2014]

    Harmful Preservatives in Pet Food

    Continually feeding your cat pet meat runs the risk of exposing them to a thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency and its associated serious health problems. More