Alumni Survey For Mentoring Programs

25 October 2012

The Executive Committee of the Veterinary Science Alumni Association (USVSAA) has prepared a survey for alumni to assist in the planning and delivery of our Faculty mentoring programs.

It aims to support existing mentoring programs for undergraduates, and to extend them to graduates, particularly recent graduates.

All alumni are encouraged to complete the survey. Go online to

The Alumni Association will provide training and support for alumni volunteers participating as mentors.

The Veterinary Science Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd for their kind sponsorship of the alumni mentoring survey.

Thank you for your interest!
Dr Garth McGilvray AM
President, USVSAA

Contact: Ms Skaidy Gulbis

Email: 160c513c4f4b6224230b2f230773073e2b5a0a4c01363639612a22