The University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospitals have partnered with Vetico

11 June 2013

The University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospitals have partnered with the team at Vetico (, an innovative online Pet Health Community, to help advocate the educational and referral services offered by the hospital.

Vetico, the Free Veterinary Information Community for pet owners, has been created by veterinarians and members of the veterinary industry, to provide pet owners with reliable up to date content. The website allows pet owners to search or browse regularly updated content covering every aspect of pet ownership. It also features daily news articles covering pet news from around the world, and regular blog contributions from vets, pet owners and other members of the pet community, such as the Delta Society Australia, and the Animal Welfare League.

As part of the website, pet owners are able to join the online community and create their own profile for their pets. From this profile, pet owners are able to interact with other members of the Vetico Community, create groups and events, or search those groups and events already created, to join dog walking clubs, puppy parties and specific animal disease support groups. Registered members are also able to post forum questions for other pet owners to answer in a veterinary moderated environment to ensure they get the best advice.

The University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals hope to supplement the educational material for pet owners already available on Vetico through the provision of content focusing on specialist procedures. You can keep up to date with news from within the hospital through their regular case studies and news pieces. Looking into the future, we hope to feature a large number of videos, photos and articles on specialist veterinary medicine. We look forward to bringing you more information about this as the partnership progresses.

Vetico's Head Veterinarian, Dr Nick Wonders, explains more about the new partnership: "The University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals represent the pinnacle in veterinary care and education in Australia. Alongside the hospital and their renowned staff, we hope to further educate and inform pet owners of Australia about the prospects within Veterinary Science, and the huge task involved in educating the next generation of veterinarians."
There is a wealth of experience, knowledge and stories to come out of hospitals such as the Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals, and we are certain our online community will find this information both interesting and insightful.

Together, The Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals and Vetico, hope to further raise the profile of specialised referral medicine in Australia.

The Hospitals' Business Manager, Keith Merchant, said the veterinary staff at the University Hospitals were delighted to be involved in such an innovative venture which allows them to share accurate information with pet owners as well as grow an understanding of the way Sydney University can be involved by drawing on its outstanding team of staff providing specialist care, clinical teaching and research.

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