Reinvention on Change Management

26 August 2014

Traditional wisdom suggests that "face-to-face" teaching is more effective than online. It does have some obvious advantages; however, online teaching with exceptional people from diverse backgrounds is a phenomenal experience.

Shashanna with her Leadership Managing Change class of students in February 2014
Shashanna with her Leadership Managing Change class of students in February 2014

A new code of behaviour evolves that embraces greater candour, time to think through responses and a more significant appreciation of other students. And the humour! Move over Dilbert.

Our Change Management and Leadership skills courses have enabled us to weave very strong bonds with one another; the skills we acquire just interacting with one another are then transferred to the workplace. Tolerance, appreciation of difference and a diminution of competitiveness all contribute to the friendly, supportive, (often hilarious) and stimulating sessions that the online environment provides.

We learn so much from one another and all of us feel privileged to work with people of different nationalities with amazing stories that illustrate the theories covered. It seems to provide a "kick start" for people to expand their career horizons, explore new opportunities and apply the concepts and techniques learned in new ambits. So many of our students are achieving noteworthy accomplishments that the courses seemed, in part, to inspire.

I could give many examples of the amazing strides made by many of our students but that is really their story. My story is less illustrious but poignant for me. It has warmed my soul and strengthened my intellect - in fact, at 65 I am considering studying Animal Sciences. You have taught me so much.

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