Australian Rhino Project - A bold plan to save the rhino

3 July 2015

From Africa to Australia - a project of global significance

A pressing aim of The Australian Rhino Project is to establish a breeding herd of black and white rhinos in Australia as an 'insurance population' in the event of extinction of the species in the wild. The plan is to import 80 rhinos from South Africa to Australia over a four year period, commencing in 2015, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing the rhinos and their progeny to their natural habitat in Africa.

Underpinning the breeding program are three high priority areas for captive rhino research. Led by Professor David Raubenheimer, the Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology, the research will be conducted by a team of zoologists, veterinarians and biological experts from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Veterinary Science.

This research will not only be critical to the health and survival of the 80 rhinos, it will help inform the successful translocation of rhinos across the world.

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