Visiting Professor - Prof Pierre H M Moissonnier

1 December 2009

Professor Moissonnier is Head of Surgery at the Veterinary School in Paris. As a charter Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgery, he is a specialist in small animal surgery (soft tissue and orthopaedics), with a major interest in neurosurgery of small animals. In addition to his responsibilities for surgery teaching, he has supervised resident training in surgery at Maisons Alfort, as well as other graduate research students. His doctoral research was in surgical neurosciences, with his major publications being in clinical and basic research in neurosurgery of animals.

Recently while on leave from Maisons Alfort, he was visiting professor as the University College Dublin in Ireland.

Professor Moissonnier will be visiting the University of Sydney as a guest of the Faculty of Veterinary Science from December 1-11, 2009. He will be based at the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Sydney, although he will meet with staff from across the entire Faculty during this visit. On Monday December 7, 2009 he will spend the day visiting Camden. Professor Moissonnier will present a seminar next week in Sydney - an announcement of title, time and location will follow soon. All staff and students are welcome to attend.

Please join me in making Pierre feel welcome, and let me know if you wish to schedule time to meet with him to discuss professional, cultural or other interests. We hope that he gains a broad appreciation of the strength and diversity of our Faculty and University during his visit to Sydney.

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