Interested in working with wildlife?

4 May 2010

Interested in working with wildlife?

Wildlife Disease Association (Australasian Section) and the Wildlife Society present
Dr David Phalen

A View from Hannawi: Working to Save the World's Most Endangered Bird

1-2 pm Tuesday 4th of May,
Webster Lecture Theatre, Veterinary Conference Centre

David Phalen is the Director of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Centre, University of Sydney. He graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University (1983) and a Doctor of Philosophy from Texas A&M University in Veterinary Microbiology (1992). He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Avian Specialty. David has five years of private practice experience and 17 years where he taught exotic animal medicine and surgery to veterinary students at Texas A&M University in the classroom and also in the clinic before coming to the University of Sydney four years ago.

Historically his research interests have included infectious and nutritional diseases of wild and pet birds. Since arriving in Australia, his research has continued in this field, but has expanded to projects examining the genetic diversity of koalas, treatment for the Devil Facial Tumour, emerging parasites of frogs, and safe and effective immobilization of crocodiles.

In this seminar David will take us to the tropical paradise of Hawaii in search of the world's rarest bird, and discuss some of the dilemmas in working with endangered animals.

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