National Centre for Farmer Health Conference - 11-13 October 2010 - Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

8 June 2010

Opening the Gates on Farmer Health

National Centre for Farmer Health Inaugural Conference

11-13 October 2010 - Hamilton, Vic, Australia

The National Centre for Farmer Health invites health professionals and agri-professionals to provide research, policy practice, personal stories and posters reflecting the themes of the conference. Individuals with an interest in agriculture, farming, health research, evaluation of education programs or educational innovation are invited to submit abstracts/stories for presentation.

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Keynote speakers

  • Dr Margaret Alston, Director, Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability (GLASS) Research Unit, Monash University
  • Dr Neil Barr, Senior Social Researcher, Dept of Primary Industries
  • Professor John Catford, Professor of Health Development, Deakin University
  • Professor Kelley Donham, Dept of Occupational and Environmental Health, University of IOWA, USA
  • Professor Marisa Gilles, Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health and Midwest Public Health Physician
  • Professor John Martin, Director, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, La Trobe University
  • Linda Syson-Nibbs, co founder and trustee of the Farming Life Centre in Derbyshire, UK

Contact: Sally Stevenson - Event Coordinator

Phone: +61 3 5551 8587

Email: 12370734366f1d063c4e5d45475f392f4e173f301e341527