ISAZ 2012 The arts and sciences of human-animal interaction

27 July 2011

July 11th to 13th - Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK

This conference is open to papers and posters from al l discipl ines relevant to the
study of human-animal interact ion.

Topics which wi l l be covered include:
* Animals and human-animal interact ion in fi lm, television, l iterature, music and art
* At t itudes to animals and animal issues (contemporary and histor ical)
* The impact of human-animal interact ions on the health and wel l-being of people and animals
* Cultural studies of human-animal interact ion
* Animal welfare and ethical issues.

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Anthrozoƶs, Journal of the Internat ional Society for Anthrozoology. Join us for this special event in the journal 's history.

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