8th Annual Symposium on Milk Genomics and Human Health

10 October 2011

15-17 November 2011

Location: Mercure Melbourne Spring Street, Melbourne, Australia

The three day event is organized by the IMGC in collaboration with Dairy Australia and local organizing committee in Australia. It will bring together international experts in nutrition, genomics, bioinformatics and milk research to discuss and share the latest research.

The symposium attracts researchers from around the world to discuss current and future dairy genomics research and its relevance to human health. The symposium has developed from the IMGC, a partnership of dairy industry and academic organizations.

The themes for this year'sprogram include:

  • Genomic selection and milk composition
  • Milk and the metabolome
  • Glycomics and gut health
  • Epigenomics, programming and reprogramming
  • Proteomes, processing and functional peptidomics
  • Lessons from evolutionary genomics
  • Global perspectives: national dairy genomics programs
  • Advances in mammary gland biology

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