9 February 2012

Sadly the Faculty lost an outstanding student and future leader of the profession, Jenna O'Grady Donley, in a tragic accident in December. She was among the best and brightest of the class of 2012, and a recipient of first class Honours and a prestigious University Medal. A very talented graduate with a passion for making a difference.

" Jenna was exceptional - a Dean's list prize winner with diverse interests in animal health, conservation and welfare. She is best remembered for how much she cared: for her animal patients, her colleagues, her research and her chosen profession, " said Professor Rosanne Taylor, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

Jenna completed her Honours research on chronic kidney disease in big cats. She examined the clinical records of animals of the Family Felidae who had resided at Taronga Zoo and Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. Her Honours thesis was awarded one of the highest marks ever in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, and her research provides the foundation for future studies across all zoos in Australia housing big cats and continued work with zoos.

" She was very much the face of Australian veterinarians of the future - dedicated, hard-working, driven by research. She will be very much missed," said Professor Taylor.

The staff and students of the Faculty of Veterinary Science send their deepfelt sympathy to Jenna's family, friends and fellow graduates.
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You can make a gift in memory of Jenna O'Grady Donley to continue her ground-breaking research on chronic kidney disease in 'big cats' in captivity:

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Faculty of Veterinary Science
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
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8 March 2012 in memory of the work of Jenna O'Grady Donley.More details..


REMEMBERING JENNA: Robert Johnson's beautiful tribute.

Dr Robert Johnson, her final year mentor and friend, has written a beautiful tribute to Jenna in the March 2012 Control and Therapy Series (issue 266).More...


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