Husbandry regained: futures for animals in sustainable agriculture

28 May 2012
John Webster
John Webster

Many consider Professor John Webster to be the "father" of modern animal welfare. John was part of the group that came up with "the 5 freedoms" - principles which have gained international recognition as standards for defining the elements of good welfare in domestic animals.

A veterinary graduate from the University of Cambridge (1963) and now Professor Emeritus at the University of Bristol, Prof Webster's primary focus has been on agriculture and veterinary teaching and research, including four years in Canada at the University of Alberta and 10 years at the Hannah and Rowett Research Institutes in Scotland. In 1977, he was appointed Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Bristol Veterinary School where he established a unit for the study of animal welfare and behaviour, one of the largest such group in the world, (over 60 strong). He is currently a member of the Animal Health and Welfare Panel of the European Food Safety Agency.

Don't miss this chance to listen to one of the world's foremost thinkers on animal welfare!

Time: 1pm

Location: Webster Lecture Theatre, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Faculty of Vet Science

Contact: Prof PAUL McGREEVY

Email: 02140d035e540101462f3f214833094c1202282144131d3d4b0e385069