Orthopaedic MRI for Veterinary Patients

21 February 2013

Dr. Gavin graduated from Washington State University with a DVM in 1971 and from Colorado State University with a PhD in Radiology and Radiation Biology in 1980.

Dr Gavin is a pioneer of Veterinary MRI and started his MRI experience 20 years ago. Since the inception of MR Vets in 2002, he has reviewed over 80,000 cases to date.More than 200 cases per month are currently reviewed.He is the co‚Äźauthor of theonly Veterinary MRI textbook, published in 2009. Pat is an experienced teacher and lecturer. He has a very practical approach to interpreting MRI and teaching its basic principles to student, interns and residents.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: Seminar Room, Evelyn Williams Building

Cost: Free

Contact: Natascha Koepsel

Email: 5614330541121f064b3d06201b213c5c37380b4f24501e19042e3d7d241761