Indigenous seminar series

16 May 2014

Dr Sophie Constable (former Faculty student), Mr Scott Spurling and Mr Dewayne Foster from Animal Management in Rural and Remote Communities (AMRRIC). Sophie, Scott and Dewayne will talk about Dog Health and Education Programs in Remote Communities. This will be a showcase of their work as Education and Animal Management officers and the place of vets in remote community animal health programs in remote Indigenous communities.

Scott and Dewayne live in Tennant Creek and this year became Animal Management Workers in a joint AMRRIC Barkly Regional Council training program. They work in remote communities across the Barkly region, a central Australian government region 320,00 square kilometres and home to over seven different languages. After graduating from Veterinary Science and a PhD at the University of Sydney, Sophie worked in practice and in suburban education programs, but became more and more involved with rural and remote animal health educations. She has been working in remote community dog health education for eight years, the past four with AMRRIC.

Sophie will talk about the place of vets in remote community animal health programs, in particular her job as Education Officer for AMRRIC. Scott and Dewayne from Barkly Regional Council will talk about their work as Indigenous Animal Management Workers.

Students are invited to come to the Vet lawns before the seminar (12-1pm) to discuss opportunities with AMRRIC. Vetsoc will be providing hotdogs for a gold coin donation.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: Webster Lecture Theatre, Veterinary Science Conference Centre

Cost: Gold coin donation

Contact: Jaime

Email: 03165e17025a522e5e17361c22251b4d5526031e164e500d5b4e27