Sydney Seminar Series

3 October 2013

Seminar title: Texas Mountain Lions: Status and Conservation challenges

Mountain Lions are a native species of Texas and an important selective force on prey populations. Scientific studies in the state indicate that(1) the cats are experiencing low survivorship mainly due to predator control and hunting practices, (2) the population is exhibiting a skewed age structure, and (3) the population is being harvested at an unsustainable level leading to a nonviable population. Dr. Gilad will discuss Mountain Lion ecology, behavior and status in Texas, as well as her work at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: HR Carne LT, RMC Gunn Building B19

Cost: Free

Contact: Beata

Email: 540e041d554f32133b3536100500232708571a5951224d441b07