Sydney Seminar Series

31 October 2013

Professor David Raftos will be discussing his work on the impacts of environmental stressors on the immune system of marine invertebrates.

Presentation Title: Oysters, Stress and Disease

About Prof Raftos

David Raftos is a Professor of Marine Biology at Macquarie University and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. He is also a member of the Australian Research Council's College of Experts and sits on the ARC's Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental, Medical and Health Sciences (BEM) panel. Professor Raftos has over 25 years experience in marine biology, focusing on the cell and molecular biology of marine invertebrates. After completing his PhD, he worked as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California Los Angeles, and as an Australian Research Council Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Raftos has since held faculty positions at the University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University, and has been a Visiting Professor at the George Washington University in Washington DC. His ongoing research programs focus on the effects of environmental stress on marine animals, with particular emphasis on infectious disease, environmental contamination and climate change.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: HR Carne LT, RMC Gunn Building

Cost: Free

Contact: Belinda

Email: 7a0b1c5b5b172b447c021b3e5d0106462c1709552e010f0700462741