Sydney Seminar Series

14 November 2013

Dr. Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska to the university and hear him discuss his fascinating research in the field of Nutritional Ecology.
Seminar title: Field-based Nutritional Ecology: Challenges and Future Perspectives

Dr. Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska is the Loxton Bequest Research Fellow in Nutritional Ecology and his research is cross-disciplinary. His primary research interest addresses the nutritional and sensory ecology of marine and terrestrial animals and aims to understand the effects of nutrient balance on the behavior, physiology, life history and fitness of animals. Dr Machovsky-Capuska's interests extend beyond pure research to include also applied goals, including the conservation of endangered species and pest management with particular interest on the relationship between foraging strategies, decision making process and nutrient intake. To answer these multidisciplinary questions a wide range of different research techniques in both the field and laboratory are used. These include behavioural observations and video footage analysis, deployment of miniaturised data-loggers, analyses of animal diet and faecal compositions, heavy metals and nutritional modelling. Dr Machovsky-Capuska's work experience also includes research on breeding, diet and foraging behaviour of marine and terrestrial species from Argentina, Antarctica and New Zealand.

Dr Machovsky-Capuska is part of an international collaborative team led by Prof. David Raubenheimer working towards the application of the Right-angled Mixture Triangle (RMT models) as a framework for field biologists interested in nutritional ecology using marine predators, primates and common myna birds as a model system.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: HR Carne LT (RMC Gunn Building)

Cost: Free

Contact: Beliinda

Email: 05315a281b3e37602f593122023224042a344516336b1c543c1d4a24