Sydney Seminar Series

21 November 2013

Catherine Suter Seminar title: Epigenetics, environment, and evolution.

If you've ever wanted to have the complexities of epigenetics explained in a clear and engaging way then you can't miss this talk!

Epigenetic mechanisms are fundamental to eukaryotic biology: they govern the use of the information encoded in DNA, and by allowing for selective expression of genes make it possible for an organism to use the same genome to create many very different cell types. The phenotype of an organism is thus largely based on epigenetic mechanisms, and aberrations in these mechanisms can create variation, and also cause disease. In this presentation I will discuss our contribution to understanding epigenetic variation, its inheritance, and its sensitivity to environmental factors such as nutrition, particularly as they relate to metabolic disease.

Associate Professor Cath Suter is an ARC Future Fellow and head of the Epigenetics Laboratory at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney. She was the first to describe germline epimutation in humans, and her major interest continues to be mammalian germline epigenetic phenomena and their inheritance. Her group focuses on the epigenetic contribution to phenotypic variation and disease risk, with a particular interest in the influence of early environmental factors on epigenetic inheritance.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: HR Carne LT, RMC Gunn Building

Cost: Free

Contact: Belinda

Email: 50035f3b1a3c09633c03110138053a1b330845542d7423054c053206