Camden Seminar Series

27 April 2017

This week Alysia Parker will present "Bulk Tank Milk Antibody-ELISA as a Biosecurity Tool for Detecting Dairy Herds with Past Exposure to Mycoplasma bovis"

Mycoplasma bovis causes substantial economic impacts in dairy herds worldwide. In this study, we investigated the suitability of a commercial M. bovis antibody ELISA on bulk tank milk (BTM) samples for use as a biosecurity tool in identifying dairy herds which have been previously exposed to M. bovis. While the use of the ELISA on BTM samples does not definitively determine the infection status of a herd, it provides complementary data to PCR or microbiological culture in identifying herds from which purchase of animals may pose a higher biosecurity risk for introduction of M. bovis into non-infected herds.

Time: 1 - 2.00pm

Location: Liz Kernohan Conference Centre (LKCC)

Cost: Free

Contact: Shernae Woolley

Email: 14392f1a09332d4d02253b001c2e4d2f1b341c0b4a34485c15396d16237346