Camden Seminar Series

29 June 2017

We are very fortunate to have two speakers today:-

Presenter:Emily Hudson

will be presenting her talk on:-

Assessing the Risk of a Canine-Rabies Incursion in Northern Australia

Australia is currently canine-rabies free. However, the recent eastward spread of rabies in the Indonesian archipelago has increased the probability of rabies entry into northern Australian communities. In addition, many northern Australian communities have large populations of free-roaming dogs, capable of maintaining rabies should an incursion occur. We set up a quantitative, stochastic, risk assessment model to evaluate the risk of rabies entry into north-west Cape York Peninsula, Australia and rabies introduction to resident dogs in one of the communities via transport of rabies-infected dogs on illegal Indonesian fishing boats. The sensitivity analysis within the model can be used to highlight areas that can be targeted for control and surveillance measure to mitigate the risk.

PhD Student:-Shernae Woolley

Will present her talk on:-Investigating emerging inherited diseases in Australian livestock: A collaborative approach

Emerging inherited diseases can cause numerous issues for producers, including productivity loss, profit loss and animal welfare problems. Under-reporting of emerging inherited diseases can result in difficulties associated with identifying and managing these diseases. The development of a research centre between the University of Sydney and Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, NSW Department of Primary Industries is a current collaborative effort to encourage the submission of suspected inherited disease cases. Previous collaborations have resulted in the ongoing investigation of 10 inherited diseases. The long-term aim is to formally develop a research centre that allows independent investigation of emerging inherited diseases in livestock that builds upon current joint research.

Time: 1 -2pm

Location: Liz Kernohan Conference Centre (LKCC)

Cost: Free

Contact: Shernae

Email: 010a2d3414551f6a153a1d03241728083d36165e3c015622340f58550c70