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11th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis (11 ICP)    View Summary
5 February 2012 to 10 February 2012

11th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis - ICP 2012, 5 - 10 February 2012.

Paratuberculosis or Johne's disease is caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and this gives the International Association for Paratuberculosis (IAP) its name. Members of the IAP work in 36 countries to foster growth of knowledge about this insidious pathogen and the disease it causes.

An Introduction to Bayesian Graphical Modelling - Workshop by Dr Fraser Lewis    View Summary
15 February 2012 to 17 February 2012

Bayesian graphical modelling
It is a powerful methodology for visualizing and analyzing complex epidemiological data,it is ideally suited for risk factor studies and analysis of questionnaire data. This technique may reveal far more about complex disease systems than standard approaches when dealing with many inter-related variables, as is common in farm survey data.

It is largely computer based and uses R. Some familiarity with R would be advantageous but not essential, as would previous experience of basic epidemiology and statistical modelling, such as linear regression techniques.

Dr Fraser Lewis is an Applied Statistician in the Section of Epidemiology, Vetsuisse. Fraser has over 10 years experience working with epidemiological data following degrees in Statistics and a PhD in Mathematics. He has recently received funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation to develop Bayesian network models for applications in epidemiological research, in collaboration with the Farm Surveillance Unit within the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Date, Venue and Registration
The workshop will be held on 15-17 February at the Camden Campus of The University of Sydney (425 Werombi Road, Camden NSW 2570).
This course is being run on a cost-recovery basis. The course fee is $150 for students and $300 for non-students. This fee includes the course materials, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and lunch for each day.

To register for the workshop please contact Dr. Navneet Dhand:


Day 1

AM Introduction to Bayesian Graphical Models

- Published examples of BGMs

- Differences between BGM and regression modelling

- Hands-on exercises in R

PM Fitting Bayesian Graphical Models to Data

- Some basic probability theory

- Directed acyclic graphs

- Bayesian Estimation and Parameter Learning

- Hands-on exercises in R

Day 2

AM Structure Learning

- Challenges of model selection

- Goodness of fit metrics for BGMs

- Using R to find the best model for a given dataset

- Hands-on exercises in R

PM Parametric Bootstrapping in Model Selection

- a simple regression example

- using JAGS/WinBUGS to generate bootstrap samples

- Hands-on exercises in R and JAGS

Day 3

AM Order Based Structure Learning

- Exact algorithms

- Finding maximal posterior structures

- Hands-on exercises in R

PM Other types of BGMs

- Gaussian

- Mixed conditionally Gaussian

- Additive networks

- Hands-on exercises in R

Download Information Flyer(pdf)


Important Notes:

1 The pace and content of the workshop is subject to change and may be altered

depending on the experience of the participants.

2 Participants are welcome to bring along their own data for use in some of the


Australian Poultry Science Symposium   View Summary
20 February 2012 to 22 February 2012

2012 Australian Poultry Science Symposium
20th - 22nd February 2012

Paper Title submission dates will be advised early May 2011

Launch of the Veterinary Science Alumni Association and AGM   View Summary
14 March 2012

All alumni are invited to attend the AGM and Launch of the Veterinary Science Alumni Association:

Wednesday 14 March 2012
JD Stewart Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney

Please join us to vote in your Executive Committee and celebrate the establishment of the Faculty's first Alumni Association.

RSVP and Further Information:

Ms Skaidy Gulbis, Alumni Relations Officer
Phone: +61 2 8627 1006 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +61 2 8627 1006 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 9351 8020

RSVP is essential by 10 March 2012.

Call for Nominations - Executive Committee.

Nominations are now open for alumni who would like to play an active role in the future of the Veterinary Science alumni community. Meetings will held on campus, after working hours, 2 -3 times per year.

You are invited to submit your nomination onlineby Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

Further information ...
Dr Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium 2012   View Summary
26 March 2012

TITLE: How should animals be used in Teaching of veterinary medicine & Animal science?

The Symposium will be a Question & Answer style format. There will be an opportunity for questions from the audience.

Monday, 26 March 2012
3:30pm to 5:00pm
Webster Lecture Theatre
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
Regimental Drive, Camperdown
University of Sydney
Key Participants in the discussion panel:
  • Prof Peter Windsor(Professor of Livestock Health and Production)
  • Prof Margaret Rose (Senior NHMRC Advisor)
  • Prof Max Zuber(Professor of Surgery & leading companion animal practitioner)
  • Dr Greg Cronin(AnVetBioSc educator and applied ethologist)
  • Dr Adele Lloyd (Sentient - the veterinary institute of animal ethics)
  • Dr Catherine Tiplady (A veterinarian who has researched the use of animals in teaching)
  • Sy Woon (Animal Welfare Society)
  • Stefan Saverimuttu (Former Faculty AWA C member)

Dr Robert Dixon
Dr Robert Dixon

Robert Dixon graduated from the University of Sydney in 1973 with a BSc (Vet) degree before completing his BVSc degree in 1974. Robert completed his PhD in 1980 in New Zealand and returned to the University of Sydney in 1983 to take up an academic appointment within the Faculty of Veterinary Science. For many years Robert held the Faculty position of Sub-Dean Animal Welfare as well as serving on the University Animal Ethics Committee.

Robert impressed his friends and colleagues with his determination, passion, positive attitude and sense of humour as he battled with ill-health throughout his life.

Robert's email signature finished with a quote from Mohandas Gandhi -"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Husbandry regained: futures for animals in sustainable agriculture   View Summary
28 May 2012

Many consider Professor John Webster to be the "father" of modern animal welfare. John was part of the group that came up with "the 5 freedoms" - principles which have gained international recognition as standards for defining the elements of good welfare in domestic animals.

A veterinary graduate from the University of Cambridge (1963) and now Professor Emeritus at the University of Bristol, Prof Webster's primary focus has been on agriculture and veterinary teaching and research, including four years in Canada at the University of Alberta and 10 years at the Hannah and Rowett Research Institutes in Scotland. In 1977, he was appointed Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Bristol Veterinary School where he established a unit for the study of animal welfare and behaviour, one of the largest such group in the world, (over 60 strong). He is currently a member of the Animal Health and Welfare Panel of the European Food Safety Agency.

Don't miss this chance to listen to one of the world's foremost thinkers on animal welfare!

Animal Death Symposium   View Summary
12 June 2012 to 13 June 2012

HARN: Human Animal Research Network is pleased to announce

Sydney: Animal Death Symposium
12-13 June, 2012
Woolley Common Room, Woolley Building A20, University of Sydney NSW 2006

Launched by the Honorable Michael D. Kirby Ac CMG
  • Keynote Lecture: Professor Deborah Bird Rose
    Macquarie University
  • HARN Lecture: Assoc Prof Annie Potts
    NZ Centre for Human Animal Studies, University of Canterbury

Dr Jay Johnston
Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey

Early bird: by 31 March
- Student and underemployed: daily rate $50
- Student and underemployed: 2 days: $70
- Full time: Daily rate $60
- Full time :2 days $90

After 31 March
- Student and underemployed: daily rate $55
- Student and underemployed: 2 days $80
- Full time: daily rate $65
- Full time: 2 days $100

Conference Dinner
Al Mustafa Restaurant (Glebe) BYO 6pm June 12th (Vegan and Vegatarian banquet)

Click here to register

This symposium brings together cross-disciplinary voices on the topic of Animal Death. Over two days we will explore how animal and human death are conceptualised; how they diverge, differ and also connect in profound ways. The conference will be exploring the following themes:

  • Sacrifice and expendability
  • Animal art
  • Road Kill
  • Wild Life and Rescue
  • Species extinction and climate change
  • Mourning, grief and denial
  • Euthanasia: perspectives from veterinary science
  • Ontologies of Death and sacrifice
  • Rituals of Slaughter
  • Vivisection
  • Who and who isn't attributed a 'soul'
  • post-death belief systems
  • Animal death and contemporary film
  • The hunter and the Hunted

Sampling and Analysis of Survey Data   View Summary
25 June 2012 to 27 June 2012

Sampling and Analysis of Survey Data
Ian Dohoo
- Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island

An opportunity to receive in-depth, hands-on training in sampling and the analysis of survey data from one of the world's leading veterinary epidemiologists.

More information and Registration.

Parasite Encounters in the Wild   View Summary
2 July 2012

The Australian Society for Parasitology invites you to our free "Inspiring Australia" public event:

"Parasite Encounters in the Wild"

from 5.45 pm, Monday 2nd July 2012,
Country Club Tasmania, Country Club Avenue, Prospect Vale, near Launceston

All welcome, science activities for kids, Tasmanian devil and free drink on arrival.

Watch us live online from 6pm

Join us as we talk about Parasite Encounters in the Wild:

"Is Devil facial tumour disease the perfect parasite?" Greg Woods from Menzies Research Institute Tasmania will tell us how this disease has developed a clever way to be transmitted and to affect the host immune system, causing its death but not before it moves to another host.

"What parasites do we give to wildlife?" Are Australian wildlife more at risk of succumbing to parasites of human origin - particularly as we encroach more on wildlife habitats? Andrew Thompson from Murdoch University will investigate our ideas of "One Health".

"Parasites: the hidden part of biodiversity." What parasite is on Tasmania's endangered species list? Ian Beveridge from The University of Melbourne will turn you into a citizen scientist with all of the discoveries to make along Australian roadsides which will contribute to the documentation of biodiversity in this country.

Special guest appearance of a Tasmanian Devil from Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek, Tasmania.

"Young parasites science club" free, fun, supervised science activities for young scientists available during the presentation. Bookings essential for the science club.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in partnership with the Australian Society for Parasitology Inc.

Register for this free event email (Email: or telephone Lisa Jones (07-40421311) before June 30th 2012.

ISAZ 2012 The arts and sciences of human-animal interaction   View Summary
11 July 2012 to 13 July 2012

Topics which wi l l be covered include:
* Animals and human-animal interact ion in fi lm, television, l iterature, music and art
* At t itudes to animals and animal issues (contemporary and histor ical)
* The impact of human-animal interact ions on the health and wel l-being of
people and animals
* Cultural studies of human-animal interact ion
* Animal welfare and ethical issues

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Anthrozoös, Journal of the Internat ional Society for Anthrozoology. Join us for this special event in the journal 's history.

To register your interest in this conference, and to receive further announcements
about it , send an e-mai l to:
or visit the website:

Zoonoses   View Summary
27 July 2012 to 28 July 2012

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID), in collaboration with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Sydney Emerging Infections and Biosecurity Institute (SEIB), is holding a 2 day meeting Friday-Saturday 27/28 July 2012.

To confirm your attendance please register here!

The conference rates are:

Early Bird - $385 (Booking before 25 May 2012)
Standard - $495 (Booking after 25 May 2012)
Late - $594 (Booking after 20 July 2012)
Undergraduate - $150
Post graduate - $250
One day registration $250

Shedding Lights on Blindness: Canine Retinopathies - Monogenic or Polygenic Diseases   View Summary
31 July 2012
On Tuesday, we will host Dr Tomas Bergström, from the department of Animal breeding and Genetics in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala Sweden. Tomas was recently the local orgenizer for the Sixth international conference on "Advances in canine and feline genomics and inherited diseases" in Sweden. He is researching the genetics of blindness in dogs, and will present a talk on: "Shedding Lights on Blindness: Canine Retinopathies - Monogenic or Polygenic Diseases?"
The Horse: From Dog Size to Modern Horse   View Summary
1 August 2012
Dr Bianca Haase,(Research Fellow, Faculty Veterinary Science) Presents - The Horse: From Dog Size to Modern Horse
Presenter - Helsa Teh   View Summary
2 August 2012
Helsa Teh will present - TBA
Evaluation of the early immune response among different breeds of Johne's-infected shee   View Summary
2 August 2012
Yamini Chalam: Yamini is veterinary student from the University of Tufts in the US, carrying out her summer research project with the farm animal health group. Yamini presentation:- "Evaluation of the early immune response among different breeds of Johne's-infected sheep"
Avian Influenza Prevention at the Village Level in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam   View Summary
2 August 2012
Penny Farrell : Masters Student in International Public Health working with Cynthia Hunter Completed a small qualitative study on H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in a rural setting in Vietnam. Penny's presentation:"Avian Influenza Prevention at the Village Level in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam"

Liver-targeted gene therapy for urea cycle defects using recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors   View Summary
2 August 2012
Dr Cindy Kok, a local visitor, which conducted her PhD in the Gene therapy unit, Children's Medical Research Institute, Westmead NSW. She will share with us her fascinating research on: "Liver-targeted gene therapy for urea cycle defects using recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors"
The things you can do without a brain; decision-making by an acellular slime mould.   View Summary
8 August 2012
Presented by :- A/Prof. Madeleine Beekman (Social Insects Lab, School of Biological Sciences, Usyd)
MicRNA biomarkers for the prognostication of canine MCT   View Summary
9 August 2012
Presented by PhD candidate Rayson Tan
The Basics of Brain Tumour Surgery   View Summary
10 August 2012
Presenter:- Michael Aherne
R you able to do genomics analysis without R?   View Summary
16 August 2012
Presented by A/Prof Peter Thomson
Tracking veterinary clinical skill development   View Summary
22 August 2012
Presenter: Dr. John Baguley (Vet Faculty)
"Can annotation of genome sequences be fully automated? A case study in crocs."   View Summary
23 August 2012
This week Professor Chris Moran will discuss a modern genomics issue in an ancient species
'Disease of the Medial Coronoid Process'    View Summary
24 August 2012
Presenter: Jaeyoon Park (Postgraduate Intern in SA Medicine)
Assistance dogs: Skilled Task Training for Independence   View Summary
29 August 2012
Presenter: Sheree Hurley and her dog Jade from AsDog (Australian Support Dogs Inc.)
"Genetic Characterization of Cleft Palate in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever   View Summary
30 August 2012
PhD candidate Zena Wolf visiting from UC Davis. Zena is collaborating with Professor Claire Wade
Presenter: New Intern   View Summary
30 August 2012
Topic: TBA
"Using a geometric framework to explore calcium and phosphorus interactions in broiler chickens"   View Summary
30 August 2012
Presenter:- Emma Bradbury
Grand Rounds: " Interesting cases fromthe University Clinics"   View Summary
5 September 2012

Dr Jana Leshinsky:"Ureteral Obstruction in a British Blue"

Dr Laura Lim "Portosystemic shunt management in a dog and its anaesthetic considerations"

'Gastric Dilation & Volvulus: Tips For Surviving Your First One'   View Summary
6 September 2012

Mark Newman: -Resident in Small Animal Surgery

"The role of the major histocompatibility complex class II (MHCII) in the koala"   View Summary
12 September 2012
Presenter: Quintin Lau (PhD candidate, Vet Faculty)
Using Experimental Models to Solve Clinical Problems:    View Summary
13 September 2012

Sanaa Zaki

"No sex please: we're Cape bees"   View Summary
13 September 2012

This week we are please to annouce that Professor Ben Oldroyd from the Behaviour and Genetics of Social Insects Lab, School of Biological Sciences will share some of his research with us.

2012 Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health Conference   View Summary
17 September 2012 to 19 September 2012

The Conference
Join us for the 2012 'Sowing the seeds of farmer health' conference and participate in the premier health and agriculture networking event. This National biennial event is being held for the 2nd time in 2012 from the 17th - 19th September at the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, Hamilton, Victoria.

More information available on the National Centre for Farmer Health website.

The Farmer health conference has established a reputation for bringing together agri-professionals, health professionals and industry leaders, researchers, policy makers, local government, health agencies, community members and farming men and women and allied industries all in the pursuit of improved health, well-being and safety for farming men, women and agricultural workers.

Mass Spectrometry and its Applications to the study of Biological Systems.   View Summary
19 September 2012

Presenter: Dr. Ben Crossett (Research Fellow in Proteomics (School of Molecular Bioscience) and Manager of the Sydney University Proteome Research Unit).

Dr Crossett began his scientific career at the University of Manchester, gaining a BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry, followed by a PhD at the University of Cambridge under the mentorship of Dr F Stewart, in which he characterised a novel uterine protein in mares. He completed post-doctoral research at Imperial College, London investigating protein based tumour therapies and subsequently utilised a proteomics-based approach to discover novel anti-microbial and vaccine targets inBurkholderia pseudomallei. In 2004, he became the Research Fellow in Proteomics and Manager of the Sydney University Proteome Research Unit (SUPRU). SUPRU specialises in the application of 2D Gel Electrophoresis, DIGE, quantitative shotgun proteomics techniques and selective reaction monitoring to the study of biological systems from a wide range of species from alpacas to zoozanthella. As manager of the SUPRU he is involved in a wide range of projects, however his primary research focus is understanding of the molecular process driving the formation and repair of multiple sclerosis lesions and ultimately the failure of this repair mechanism in most patients. Through this work his research group have developed unparallel expertise in processing (particularly laser guided microdissection) of formalin fixed neurological tissue for proteomics applications.

Presenter : Alberto Gines   View Summary
20 September 2012
Topic: TBA
The Nature of Nutrition: a Unifying Framework from Animal Adaptation to Human Obesity   View Summary
20 September 2012

We are pleased to welcome Professor David Raubenheimer, Professor of Nutritional Ecology at the Institute of Natural Sciences at Massey University. David's research focuses on comparative nutritional ecology, with an emphasis on field studies. His work spans marine and terrestrial systems, and diverse species including insects, spiders, fish, birds and mammals, among them humans and non-human primates.

Thisseminar will be held via video link to Camden !

When looking isn't enough:    View Summary
26 September 2012

Farewell Seminar by Dr Natashia Evans Resident in Small Animal Medicine.Natashia has just completed her residency in small animal internal medicine. She is currently completing her Masters of Veterinary Clinical studies. She has a strong interest in all things feline and oncologic. One of her major ambitions is to be a crazy cat lady.

Come along to hear all about Natashia's great work within the faculty before she escapes to Madison where she will be completing a residency in Emergency and Critical Care

Presenter: Laura Lim   View Summary
27 September 2012
Topic: Tba
"A New Era of Racehorse Selection"   View Summary
27 September 2012

Presenter:- Brandon Velie, PhD Candidate

Double PhD Presenation!   View Summary
27 September 2012

Shyamala Thirunavukkarasu

Presenting on: "Aspects of the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis-infection"

Andrew Thomson

Presenting on: "Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification - a suitablealternative toreal-time PCR?"

"Trialling Cell Therapy for Reversal of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction"   View Summary
3 October 2012

Dr. Michael Valenzuela (A/Prof. & Leader of the Regenerative Neuroscience Group; Brain & Mind Research Institute) the project was in collaboration with Paul McGreevy and other member within the Vet faculty.

Presenter: Joanna Griffith   View Summary
4 October 2012
Topic: TBA
Dr. Jaime Gongora (Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology and Animal Genetics)    View Summary
10 October 2012

Title TBA

2012 SEIB Colloquium - Day 1   View Summary
11 October 2012
Presentations include:
•	What can we predict about disease emergence | Dr Eddie Holmes 
•	Global biosecurity - priorities and conflicting political agendas | Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott 
•	Elimination of soil transmitted helminths and lymphatic filariasis in Timor Leste | Professor Peter McMinn 
•	Assessing the problem of tropical lymph oedema | Professor Sharon Kilbreath 
•	How diet shapes our gut microbiota | Associate Professor Andy Holmes 
•	Lessons from a drosophila model | Dr Fleur Ponton 
•	Perspectives from the ICU | Professor Jon Iredell 
•	Approaches to bacterial populations under selection pressure | Professor Ian Paulsen 
•	Soil health and microbial ecology | Professor John Crawford
Day one will close at 5.30pm 
Update on testing for FIV and FeLV    View Summary
11 October 2012
Presenter: A/Prof Julia Beatty Title of Presentation: Update on testing for FIV and FeLV; new technologies meet old pathogens
2012 SEIB Colloquium- Day 2   View Summary
12 October 2012
Registration commences 8.00am

Presentations include:
•	Hepatitis - Australian and SE Asian perspectives | Dr Mark Douglas 
•	Tuberculosis - new advances in diagnosis, vaccine development and local/regional leadership | Professor Warwick Britton and Associate Professor Jamie Triccas 
•	TB control and elimination - legal/ethical issues | Professor Belinda Bennett and Associate Professor Ian Kerridge 
•	Zoonoses that threaten Australia | Associate Professor Helen Scott-Orr and Associate Professor Jenny-Ann Toribio 
•	Local issues and building regional capacity for HIV and STI management | Associate Professor Richard Hillman and Dr Shailendra Sawleshwarkar 
•	Encephalitis - a marker of emerging infections | Professor Robert Booy and Professor Cheryl Jones 
•	Health communication strategies | Professor Gerard Goggin 
•	Innovative decision-making assistance | Dr Julie Leask 
•	The use of social media and mobile digital devices for health: A sociological perspective | Dr Deborah Lupton 
•	Initiatives with farmers in rural Indonesia | Professor Merrilyn Walton 
•	Monitoring cryptococcal meningitis in a developing country | Brendan McMullan 
•	Active TB case finding in Vietnam | Greg Fox 
•	Community-based approaches to TB control in Eastern Indonesia | Christa Dewi 
•	Internal microbiota - an ecological approach | Orie Gilad 
•	Effect of different types of dietary fat on inflammation and microbiota | Connie Ha 
•	Economic decision making - Japanese encephalitis as a case study | Sarah-Jane Wilson 
•	Comparison of methodologies used to evaluate liposomal antibiotic nanoparticles | Hui Ong 
•	Influenza surveillance from clinical specimens with mass spectrometry | Neil Fernandes 
•	Infection control and tuberculosis in PNG highlands hospitals | Beverley Hall 
•	Malnutrition and food-borne disease | Dr Siobhan Mor 
•	Maternal and malnutrition and infant mortality | Professor Heather Jeffery 
•	Food security - political implications | Monika Barthwal-Datta 
•	Food safety - monitoring and surveillance systems | Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko 
"Parasitic zoonoses, something a vet should know about"   View Summary
17 October 2012

Dr. David Jenkins

Senior Research Fellow in Parasitology
School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Charles Sturt University (Wagga)

David Jenkins did a Bachelors degree in Botany and Zoology, followed by an MSc in Immunology at the University of London. In the two years following his MSc studies David worked on human hookworm infection in Java, Indonesia as part of an Australian aid project. After Indonesia, David returned to Australia and got into hydatid disease whilst doing a PhD at the University of Melbourne vet school. The PhD project focused on studies to understand the immune responses of dogs to tapeworm infection. David then went to Kenya and worked on hydatid disease in the Turkana District of NW Kenya. After 2 years in Kenya, David returned to Australia to take up a research position with the SE NSW & ACT Hydatid Control Program where he studied the role of native and introduced wildlife in the transmission of hydatid disease. David currently has the position of Senior Research Fellow in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Charles Sturt University in Wagga. His main, current, research interest is in the transmission and financial impact of sheep measles (Taenia ovis)

Presenter : Mark Newman   View Summary
18 October 2012
Topic: TBA
Presenter:- Dr. Rebecca Spindler (Taronga Zoo)   View Summary
24 October 2012
Seminar Cancelled this week -    View Summary
24 October 2012
Presenter : Vanessa Barrs   View Summary
25 October 2012
Topic: TBA
"Social epigenetics: Genomic imprinting in the honey bee methylome"   View Summary
25 October 2012

Dr Emily Remnant, a Post-Doctoral Researcher from the School of Biological Sciences

Double seminar - halloween special!    View Summary
31 October 2012

Specialdouble edition of presentations today!!

Justin Ng PhD candidate, Vet Faculty

Tim Pearson PhD candiate Macquaire Uni

Multidisciplinary Approach to Ear Diseases   View Summary
31 October 2012

Medical Management of Ear Disease - Dr Beth McDonald

Multimodal Imaging of the Ear - Dr Mariano Makara

Surgical Management of Ear Disease - Dr Alberto Gines

Today we have two presentations   View Summary
1 November 2012

Jessica Talbot (BScVet) "What causes sino-nasal aspergillosis in dogs? A molecular approach to species identification" and Laura Piddington (BVScHons)"Characterisation of the methylation status and expression of the RB1 gene in the Devil Facial Tumour Disease" .

Event Cancelled   View Summary
7 November 2012

Event Cancelled

Postgraduate Research Students Conference   View Summary
7 November 2012 to 8 November 2012

Day 2 of the Annual Postgraduate Research Conference. Conference programs can be found at the Conference web site:

Postgraduate Research Students Conference   View Summary
7 November 2012 to 8 November 2012

The Faculty of Veterinary Science Annual Postgraduate Conference. The conference is where our postgraduate students shine and inspire one another and the research community at large within the Faculty.

This year our guest speaker is Professor Jill Trewhella, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) of the University, who will provide some wonderful insights and inspirations for further careers in research.

The Program can be found here:

Dr. Monique Van Sluys (Taronga zoo)    View Summary
14 November 2012


This will be the final seminar of 2012   View Summary
21 November 2012

Special Presentation fromAssociate Professor Julia Beatty, Small Animal Medicine

Camden Seminar Series - Special Double Presentations   View Summary
22 November 2012

Rachel D'Arcy presenting "Chronic Kidney Disease in Non-Domestic Felids"

Jeffery Go presenting "Experimental spread of megalocytivirus between freshwater and marine environments using a model euryhaline vector species"