Tips for visitors to India

10 October 2008

India's dazzling extremes and diverse nature create the perfect travel adventure.
India's dazzling extremes and diverse nature create the perfect travel adventure.

India is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience a true culture awakening.   Its dazzling extremes and diverse nature help to create the perfect travel adventure.  Follow these guidelines to ensure you avoid any embarrassing situations.


  • Indians are extremely generous and will consider themselves obliged to go out of the way to fulfill a friend or guest's request. Therefore, try to take extra care not to be too much of a burden.
  • It is best to avoid general displays of physical affection in public.
  • It is considered rude to say "NO" directly, unless it is a crucial issue.  Therefore, if someone seems reluctant to do something take it probably means they do not really want to do it.
  • When invited to a person's home for dinner, take some small gift, like a box of chocolates/sweets or flowers.
  • Never use your left hand for eating, serving or taking food or accepting things as it  is considered unclean. 
  • Generally Muslims don't eat pork and Hindus avoid beef so it's best to choose a vegetarian restaurant if dining out with new local friends.
  • Avoid feeling uncomfortable or creating a confrontation if  people are staring at you,  it is fairly common for local people to stare at foreigners. 
  • Conservative clothes should be worn as a sign of respect for local customs.
  • Although India's locals are not always punctual themselves, they expect foreigners to arrive close to the appointed time.
  • Remove your shoes when entering a mosque or visiting someone's home.
  • Remote places may have their own distinct cultures; be sure to enquire about these before you visit any villages to avoid impoliteness.

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