Faculty values

Sydney Nursing School

The faculty's vision is to be the premier research-intensive Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery nationally, respected and highly regarded internationally, and to be the provider of choice of graduate entry, pre-registration and post-registration nursing education to the high achieving student.

Our values underpin the achievement of our vision, and are summarised in the following statements:


Faculty commit to an environment where curiosity, mindfulness and reflexivity are valued in the creation and sharing of knowledge.


The faculty is a place where dynamism, flexibility, creativity, innovation and inspiration can flourish and faculty commit to creating an environment where these qualities are valued, encouraged and supported.


Each member of faculty is accountable for their actions and behaviours and commits to inclusivity, openness and transparency in their relationships. The faculty fosters culture, processes, systems and structures that enable inclusivity, openness and transparency.


Faculty believe that giving and enjoying respect and dignity is the foundation for human and personal growth and development. This is extended to students, staff and visitors to the faculty and social groups including the people on whose behalf we all work.


The faculty acknowledges the importance of balance (however interpreted by individuals) in personal, interpersonal and collegial environments. Faculty commits to supporting colleagues and students in their quest for balance and celebration of life.