Research and philanthropy

Improving the health of people, families and communities is a central focus of nursing and midwifery research. At Sydney Nursing School, the five pillars of our research framework align with national health priorities and with research themes identified by our fellow health-related faculties at the University (Medicine, Health Sciences, Dentistry and Pharmacy). They include: midwifery and women’s health; cancer and palliative care; chronic disease and ageing; acute, critical and trauma care; and mental health.

The five core research themes which make up these strategic pillars also support nursing and midwifery research directly relevant to health care practice, including: developing the disciplines of nursing and midwifery; effective practice and improving health outcomes; the experience of health and illness across the lifespan; supporting children, families and carers; primary health care; and health systems, services, policy and regulation.

In addition to researchers based within the faculty, Sydney Nursing School has academic and professional teams located at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (at the Cancer Nursing Research Unit) the Royal Hospital for Women (at the Midwifery and Women’s Health Nursing Research Unit) and at Royal North Shore Hospital. Our researchers will also work in the new Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) which will house this collaborative initiative of the University of Sydney. Researchers in the areas of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will work together in the CPC in an effort to collectively ease the burden of these conditions on our society.

Our research reputation attracts competitive funding. As it continues to grow we welcome further support for a number of promising research projects, outlined in the Investing in Better Health and Better Outcomes booklet. With significant financial support these projects can proceed, and will go on to make a positive impact on our community.

Professor Jill White AM
Dean, Sydney Nursing School