Learning and teaching community

Our learning and teaching community is made up of people, places and networks, coming together to make a significant contribution to health.

Our academic staff are not only leading the way for the next generation of nurses, they are actively generating new knowledge in the filed of nursing and midwifery with their own research.

Our honorary staff who work within clinical settings and Sydney Nursing School bring to their teaching knowledge of issues on the front line.

Our extensive network of alumni and friends help us at major events such as kit packing day and help fund education and research.

Sydney Nursing School is located at the Mallett Street Campus in Camperdown, Sydney. The campus includes clinical simulation labs, home to full-body manikins installed with the latest simulation technology.

Our dedicated nursing library, also located at Mallett St Campus, provides access to books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, databases and course readings.

Our partnerships help students gain valuable hands-on experience. The Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre helped us develop a mass casualty event for final year Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) students.

Students studying to become nurses are offered over 800 hours of clinical practice experience through placements. These take place within the Sydney metropolitan area and rural in settings, at hospitals, prisons, health centres, and most recently have secured placement opportunities with the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Many of our research students enjoy the benefit of being part of the community at Mallett Street as well as being embedded within research and health care settings.