Frequently asked questions at Nursing Student Services

Contacting Sydney Nursing School staff

Who do I speak to about clinical placements?
Who is my Academic Adviser or Program Director?
Can I be sure someone will reply to my enquiry?

Unit of study and enrolment information

How do I vary my enrolment?
When is the last day I can add a unit of study?
What is the Census Deadline?
How do I discontinue my studies?
How do I change degrees?
What do I do if I’m sick and can’t attend one of my classes?

Assessment and exams

Who should I speak to about my assessments?
All assessment information will be provided by your unit of study coordinators, lecturers and tutors. Much of this information is also included in a unit of study outline, which contains comprehensive information about your unit of study and will be provided to you online or in classes. If you have any further questions about an assessment, please speak to your tutor, lecturer, or unit of study coordinator.

How can I apply for an extension for my assessment?
You are expected to work on your assignments throughout the semester and assignments must be submitted by the due date, unless written approval for late submission has been obtained. Approval for late submission will only be granted where you can show good cause, such as evidence of serious ongoing illness, or extreme and unpredictable circumstances. Only one extension of time will be permitted for each assignment item. You can apply for an extension for up to one week – forms can be found at the Student Services Counter or online, and can be submitted in person, by mail or by email. View more information regarding the supporting documentation required for an extension. Alternatively, if you are eligible to register for Disability Services you can apply to them for assessment and examination adjustments. Disability Services are located on Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus. If you require more time to complete an assessment, you will have to apply for special consideration.

How do I apply for special consideration for my assessment or exam?
If you require an extension greater than one week past the due date you must complete an application form for special consideration and submit it to Nursing Student Services with any supporting documentation. You also need to submit a completed Professional Practitioner's Certificate or Statutory Declaration as outlined on the Application for Special Consideration form. You can email this to (with scanned original documentation) or visit Nursing Student Services in person.

Other questions

How do I pay my fees?
If you are a domestic student (Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa), please contact the Student Centre to enquire further about your HECS-HELP loan and how you can pay it up front. International students are required to pay course fees up-front each semester. Following enrolment, you will be issued with an invoice and a due date for the payment.

Where can I find the various services for students on campus?
Services such as WiFi, clinical labs, Emergency and first aid, campus maps, transport, library and more can be found under Our Campus on our website. Other services include: