Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing

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Academic Adviser Combined Degree (Science)
Sue Ronaldson
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2013 study patterns for the Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing


Semester 1

Semester 2


Bachelor of Science (24 credit points)*

Bachelor of Science (24 credit points)*


Bachelor of Science (12 credit points)*

NURS5081 Introduction to Nursing Practice

NURS5083 Human Bioscience in Health
(N: BIOL1003)

Bachelor of Science (12 credit points)*

NURS5086 Drug, Therapy, Disease and Nursing Practice
(P: NURS5083 or BIOL1003)

NURS5006 Illness Experience and Nursing Care
(P: NURS5002)


Bachelor of Science (12 credit points)*

NURS5082 Developing Nursing Practice
(C: NURS5081)

NURS5002 Social Contexts of Health

Bachelor of Science (12 credit points)*

NURS5085 Mental Health Nursing Practice
C: NURS5084)

NURS5084 Nursing the Acutely Ill Person
(P: NURS5082 or NURS5004)


NURS6008 Inquiry and Research in Nursing

NURS6019 High Acuity Nursing
(P: NURS5084, NURS5081)

NURS6018 Care and Chronic Conditions
(P: NURS5084, NURS5085, NURS5081)

NURS6023 Professional Practice of Nursing

NURS6004 Nursing and the Politics of Health Care

NURS6022 Community Health Nursing
(P: NURS6019, NURS6018)

NURS6024 Global Health and Nursing
(P: NURS5002)

Nursing Practice (Option)
Select from the following:

·    NURS6025 Mental Health (Option)
(P: NURS6019, NURS6018, NURS5085)

·    NURS6026 Paediatrics (Option)
(P: NURS6019, NURS6018)

·    NURS6027 High Acuity (Option)
(P: NURS6019, NURS6018)

·    NURS6028Clinical Nursing (Option)
(P: NURS5084, NURS6018)

P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition

* Notes related to the table above:
You need to complete 96 credit points for your Bachelor of Science comprising:

  • Year 1:
    A major from Table 1
    A maximum of 48 credit points of junior level subjects which must include 12 credit points of mathematics and statistics and 24 credit points from at least two other science subject areas
  • Year 2:
    24 credit points of intermediate level science subjects
  • Year 3:
    24 credit points of senior level science subjects

Refer to the Science Handbook for details.