Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

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UAC Code GH041

Students who have completed a Bachelor of Nursing are invited to APPLY ONLINE for the honours program. This involves two units relating to research methods and the preparation of a thesis. Students undertake research work independently under the guidance of a supervisor.

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Admission requirements

Applications to the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) are open to students who are considered by Sydney Nursing School to have the requisite knowledge and aptitude to undertake the course. Applicants are expected to have completed their Bachelor of Nursing at credit level or above from the University of Sydney or from an equivalent university.


The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) can be studied full time (one year) or part time (two years).

The degree combines coursework with your own research project . The coursework involves two units of study relating to research methods and the preparation of the thesis (approximately 20,000 words).

Research workshops are run at the beginning of Semester 1 and study days are run every month throughout Semester 1. You are also strongly encouraged to attend the School's research workshops run at the beginning of Semester 1 and at the end of Semester 2. A variety of guest speakers with expertise in a range of research areas will present during these workshops.

You are invited to present your work to your peers at least once a year in research forums providing a great opportunity to further develop and test your work.

Further study

If you successfully gain first-class or second-class, Division 1 honours, you are eligible for entry into a PhD within the School.

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) study pattern (full time)

Semester 1

Semester 2

NURS4020 Theory, Method and Ethic in Research

NURS4022 Honours Thesis B

NURS4021 Honours Thesis A

NURS4023 Honours Thesis C

It is important to check your University of Sydney email account regularly, as this is the channel of communication from Sydney Nursing School with regard to possible changes to your timetable.