Cancer and Haematology Nursing

Cancer and Haematology Nursing

Master of Cancer and Haematology Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Cancer and Haematology Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Cancer and Haematology Nursing

Sydney Nursing School provides specialist education for nurses who work in all areas of cancer and haematology nursing, including care delivered in specialist units, community care, acute care, inpatient and home-based care.

Cancer is the single largest cause of premature death and represents nearly one-fifth of the total burden of disease in Australia. This is set to increase substantially over the next decade. In this context there is increasing recognition that specialist cancer services improve outcomes and benefit both survival and optimal recovery for cancer patients.

Nurses make up the largest group in the cancer workforce and Sydney Nursing School understands the importance of professional education to support their needs. Their specialised skills and knowledge, now and in the future, are essential to supporting patients and contributing to decision-making about future trends in treatment, patient care and disease prevention.

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On cancer research and postgraduate study

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Professor Kate White, Chair of Cancer Nursing

Supporting nurses who care for cancer patients and their families.
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