Intensive Care Nursing

Intensive Care Nursing

Master of Intensive Care Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing

Intensive care nursing is an exciting specialty area of nursing practice which requires the application of advanced knowledge and skills to a challenging group of patients. In the intensive care environment, registered nurses are expected to provide sophisticated care to critically ll patients and their families. This requires the application of advanced physiological knowledge during the assessment and management of patients who may be experiencing single or multiple organ dysfunction.

Sydney Nursing School's intensive care nursing course is intended to assist registered nurses working in this area to be clinical leaders. This is done by integrating individual clinical experience with relevant evidence to produce information that can be used to inform the clinical practice of others.

This course is designed for registered nurses currently working in the intensive care environment. It is recommended that you have some experience in intensive care before studying at a postgraduate level.

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