Mental Health Nursing

Mental Health Nursing

Master of Mental Health Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing

"Mental health nursing is a great career. We engage with people of all ages, and their families, right throughout the illness. There are opportunities to work in a range of different roles and contexts. Here at Sydney Nursing School our program is exciting and unique, offering both face-to-face and online study. We focus on current clinical issues in mental health, as well as therapeutic skills and role development. Our course provides you with the knowledge and skills and career potential to go anywhere you’re needed – in hospitals, in patient and community settings, or independent practice. The choice is yours."

         – Associate Professor Kim Foster

Mental illness is a major health issue in Australia, with up to half the population experiencing a mental illness during their life. Mental health problems are also the single largest cause of disability. These problems often coexist with other health issues including drug and alcohol misuse and physical health problems. Thus mental health promotion and timely intervention for individuals and their carers is vital to improving outcomes and facilitating recovery.

Mental health nurses’ knowledge and therapeutic skills are essential in supporting individuals and their carers and contributing to the future of mental health consumer care, recovery, and illness prevention. In Australia, nurses are the largest group in the mental health workforce and are
well-placed to lead the way in providing effective mental health care. Sydney Nursing School understands the importance of professional education to support mental health nurses’ needs. Our Mental Health Nursing program provides an exciting opportunity for specialist education for nurses who work in all areas of mental health nursing, including care provided in acute inpatient settings, community mental health settings, specialist units, and non-government organisations.

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