Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
Abbreviated title: MN (NP)

Sydney Nursing School currently offers strong, clinically relevant graduate certificate and master’s level courses in the specialty nursing areas of cancer and haematology, emergency, intensive care and mental health nursing. The School also offers graduate certificate and master’s programs in clinical nursing, recognising that clinical nurses work in a variety of settings including the acute sector and the community.

Within each of these nursing practice areas there is a growing need for advanced practice nurses. The nurse practitioner program provides opportunity for students who have completed a graduate certificate in their specialty area, and are working clinically at an advanced practice level, to undertake further study designed to prepare them as both autonomous and collaborative health care providers.

Graduates of the Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) will have the necessary attributes, knowledge and clinical competencies to allow them to be eligible to apply for authorisation as Nurse Practitioners (NP) in NSW. They will be well informed and well prepared to practise as NPs, working with people from a wide range of sociocultural and religious backgrounds. They will demonstrate capability to practise in a continuously changing health care system and their practice will be informed by research.

Areas of practice for nurse practitioners

The Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) encompasses a broad range of topics. Within the three general categories listed below are just some of the many areas which may be explored within this course.

High dependency nursing

High dependency nursing, critical care nursing, neurology/neuroscience nursing, cardiothoracic nursing, cardiovascular nursing, coronary care/cardiology nursing, peri-operative/operating room/anaesthetic nursing, emergency nursing, intensive care nursing, recovery room nursing, and nephrology/renal/renal dialysis nursing, neonatology

Mental health nursing

Mental health nursing, psychiatric nursing, community mental health nursing, mental health-forensic nursing, family therapy, child and adolescent psychiatric nursing, psychogeriatric nursing

Acute and supportive nursing

Medical nursing, surgical nursing, thoracic/respiratory nursing, endocrine nursing, ear/nose/throat nursing, dermatology, orthopaedic nursing, oncology nursing, ophthalmic nursing, stomal therapy, plastic/burns nursing, infection control, gynaecology nursing

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