Primary Health Care Nursing

Primary Health Care

Master of Primary Health Care Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Primary Health Care Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care Nursing

Sydney Nursing School's new Primary Health Care Nursing program is designed to meet the educational needs of registered nurses who currently work in or aspire to work in primary health care, whether in the community or hospital based.

In line with Australia’s first Primary Health Care Strategy, Building a 21st Century Primary Health Care System, a primary health care philosophy is increasingly informing the delivery of care both in Australia and internationally. This philosophy focuses on people and their individual health needs receiving accessible and equitable care and which may require inter-disciplinary collaboration across health and social care sectors. This same philosophy underpins Sydney Nursing School’s new Primary Health Care Nursing program.

A suitably educated primary health care focused workforce is in short supply across all health care sectors in Australia and internationally. With the rising incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases and multi-morbidities, compounded by an ageing population, the need for a primary health care workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills required to provide chronic and complex care is greater than ever before.

Whether you are a registered nurse working in general practice, community health, ambulatory care and hospital-based units, schools, rural and remote areas, telehealth, Indigenous health care or international health this primary health care program will give you the knowledge and skills required to practise effectively within complex primary health care nursing settings.

You’ll be learning with a leading team of educators and clinicians with extensive expertise in primary health care. And consistent with the primary health care approach to interdisciplinary practice you will have the opportunity to undertake elective units within the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health and have access to initiatives of the Charles Perkins Centre in relation to the management of chronic diseases.