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student professional experience

Sydney Nursing School has established strategic initiatives to provide rich, supportive learning experiences so that students can flourish both personally and professionally. These strategies include the development of approaches to primary health care within both local and global contexts while maintaining a strong focus on equity, leadership, engaged enquiry, research informed and advanced practice.

We are committed to the provision of a range of professional experiences in regional, rural, remote, as well as international settings and we are engaged in fostering relationships that provide opportunities for mutual learning and enriched experiences for our students.


In 2014 a range of professional practice opportunities, both regional and international, are available to pre-registration students, predominantly in their final year of study at Sydney Nursing School. These opportunities are available to students who study one or more of the following units of study (these units may vary from time to time):

  • NURS5084 Nursing the Acutely Ill Person
  • NURS5085 Mental Health Nursing Practice
  • NURS5006 Illness Experience and Nursing Care
  • NURS3008 Community Health Nursing
  • NURS6022 Community Health Nursing
  • NURS2007 Clinical Practice in Mental Health
  • NURS3014 Professional Practice Experience
  • NURS6025 Nursing Practice (Mental Health Option)
  • NURS6027 Nursing Practice (High Acuity Option)
  • NURS6028 Nursing Practice (Clinical Nursing Option)

Some placements (international and some rural and remote) will be subject to availability, following a submission of Expression of Interest by the student. You can find out more about these professional experience opportunities in our Information Session.

In addition to these professional expereinces, students are offered community placements (including urban and rural NSW) which will be allocated to students according to their preferences.


If you are in your final year of a pre-registration degree you might like to consider one of three opportunities for professional practice experiences:


Through these programs you have the opportunity to gain an international experience and facilitate development as a global citizen. Currently the countries involved in these partnerships are Sweden and The Netherlands. These programs will contribute towards your clinical placement hours, and are available at the end of the year.


In 2014 there will be 10 opportunities for students to have an international professional experience in India through an Antipodeans Abroad Program. In 2014, this program will be in Palampur, Northern India.


In 2014 there is another opportunity for two students to have an international professional experience in Hanoi, Vietnam through the Hoc Mai Foundation Scholarship program. This program runs at the end of the year, after Semester Two. While it does not contribute towards your clinical hours, it is a rare and wonderful opportunity to gain truly professional experience in a busy hospital environment.


Our local partnerships are centred on building strategic relationships that benefit our local communities and allow students to experience the diversity across a number of health care settings with a focus on primary and community health care.


Sydney Nursing School continues to build strategic relationships that benefit local communities and allow students to experience diversity across a number of health care settings with a focus on primary and community health care. Rural and Remote Experience Opportunities are a chance for students to expand their professional and personal horizons, along with career options in areas outside Sydney. They are available through Expression of Interest, in Broken Hill, Wagga Wagga, Orange and Dubbo.


The provision of high-quality health care to rural and remote populations requires recruitment and retention initiatives that target nursing, as well as medicine and allied health professions. Sydney Nursing School is therefore proud to be able to offer around half of our community clinical placement opportunities in rural or remote areas. These are allocated placements which do not require and Expression of Interest.


A number of scholarships and grants are available to support students who wish to undertake professional experience abroad or in rural or remote placements within Australia.

Find out more about the clinical placement scholarships and grants available to students at Sydney Nursing School