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All courses at the University of Sydney are governed by resolutions and policies. The rules for Sydney Nursing School's courses are all found in the Sydney Nursing School handbook.
Together with resolutions for each course available, you should familiarise yourself with the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2000 (as amended), which sets out the requirements for all coursework courses.


Each unit of study has attendance requirements which you are required to meet. If you are absent without good cause you may not be eligible to achieve a minimum grade of Pass.

If you have been absent without leave from more than 10 percent of classes in any one semester in a particular unit of study, the Dean may ask you to show cause why you should not be deemed to have failed to complete that unit of study.


The faculty recognises that illness or misadventure can prevent students from meeting attendance requirements. You have a responsibility to let the unit of study coordinator know promptly (by telephone or email) if you anticipate or experience any difficulty meeting these requirements.

Illness or misadventure must be documented. This documentation must be made available to the unit of study coordinator as soon as possible after the absence. Examples of documentation might include:

  • medical certificate
  • police notification of incident
  • NRMA service call
  • death notice of family member.


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