Pre-registration courses


Our pre-registration programs prepare you to respond to and thrive in health care environments that are evolving and changing and you’ll have the opportunity to undertake rural, remote and even international clinical placements, to give you the confidence to work anywhere. You’ll enjoy interdisciplinary practice by learning from leading clinical experts and academics, many of whom are writing key health textbooks and driving health policy. Many are working at frontline health care services, making real differences to the health care landscape and bringing innovation to your learning experience.

Clinical practice is an important part of your program. You will get all the practical hands-on experience you need, both in our state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratories and through clinical placements in health facilities, to prepare you to become a registered nurse in Australia.

Clinical placements

If you enrol in of any of our pre-registration courses, you will be required to work in clinical placements. There are over 900 hours of clinical hours which contribute towards the degree.