Student feedback about the CALD program

Enhancing academic potential

"It was something that gave us the boost to be more assertive in class like when we have to ask questions, but we are not hesitant to say that I don’t understand this can you please explain it to us ... cause it's if we are thinking it, then ok maybe someone else from CALD has the same question too and we might as well ask it so that it's clear. And then he’d ask, even if it's another person from CALD, 'Did you understand?' and such and such and it's like yeah, and it's ok. The program it has really supported me to, you know, survive in this place so far. Otherwise if this support is not in here, definitely I couldn’t go on. I am telling you I couldn’t because the support that is given by the lecturers in the CALD program is very so supportive morally and everything."

Enhancing the experience of clinical placement

"I went there [clinical placement] prepared, and I was more comfortable. I mean if I didn’t have that information [from the CALD program] I would have been scared and confused not to understand, but that session gave me a kind of a preparatory talk for me to go out in the field. I think it will help me to tackle the situation better, compared to if I haven’t heard or talked to anyone about the situation that happened to them. You know, in anything in life I guess if you have information from other people you go, 'oh at least I know what to do next time' and although it's your first time to experience it yourself you can always pool the information behind somewhere in your brain and then go, 'oh I think that’s what she did'."

Enhancing the student’s learning experience

"I met all these different people who have the same goal, and another thing is they are all from different backgrounds and that makes you immediately feel at ease – that I am not alone, I am not the only English as a second language doing this. So just because of that that is a lot of confidence that you gain straight away. I feel people are ... we have same problem and same stress and want to support each other because we want to be a nurse we have to look after each other, I think. But under stress we have no space. I think I feel, yes, kind of not much interaction with the other students so that’s changed. Everything’s changed."