Learning and Teaching at Sydney Nursing School

Our excellence in Learning and Teaching: "Systems that achieve excellence in Learning and Teaching" (Vice-Chancellor's Award 2013)

The focus of Sydney Nursing School’s scholarship is to improve health outcomes, the quality of care, and the health-related experience of people at times of vulnerability. The health care landscape is changing quite profoundly, both locally and internationally. This makes the contribution which nurses and midwives make to people’s experiences of illness and health care outcomes even more important. In several of our courses clinical practice is an important component. Leading clinical professionals combine the latest industry developments with excellence in teaching. Students experience practical aspects of their chosen course by spending many hours in clinical situations within hospitals and health care communities, both locally and regionally. Opportunities exist for overseas placements as well.

Sydney Nursing School operates in an academically rigorous but also stimulating and supportive environment. There are also direct benefits from our relationships with other University of Sydney faculties presenting opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, research and professional relationship building.

Learning and Teaching activities

Key academic responsibilities

Sydney Nursing School has an active Learning and Teaching Committee, and promotes and encourages excellence in teaching, educational innovation, research-led teaching and student involvement.

  • Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
  • Quality Adviser

In addition to these positions, there are directors, coordinators and advisers and lecturers. There are also key responsibilities for students. You can look at these key responsibilities and who currently holds each position under Our School in this website.