Unit of study outlines

Units of study provide the core structure of coursework degrees. The majority of units of study offered by Sydney Nursing School are worth six credit points.

When you enrol in each unit of study, you will also receive a unit of study outline containing core information and specific details.

Core information

1. Introduction
The unit of study introduction provides the background to your learning and an overview of the issues and topics to be considered in the unit.

2. Learning outcomes and graduate attributes
The learning outcomes for the unit of study indicate what you are expected to achieve by undertaking the unit. You should read these before you start the unit, and also when you complete the unit to make sure you have met the learning requirements.

3. Learning resources
Each unit of study contains a detailed explanation of the learning resources for the unit. These will vary from unit to unit and include textbooks, journal articles, websites, etc. The learning resources for each unit of study are the basis of your learning in that unit and are included to provide comparison, various perspectives or encourage debate. The learning resources are drawn from a range of sources because study and research in nursing involves a wide range of disciplines.

4. eLearning
eLearning at the University of Sydney is a system designed to carry electronic information to support students' learning in their various units of study. There are many ways the eLearning tool can be used and different units may use different elements of the software.

5. Student assessment
Each unit of study contains detailed explanation of the student assessment for the unit.

6. Study schedule
The study schedule for each unit of study is an important component. It explains the plan of the unit for the semester, what you are required to do at various times, when assessment items are due, and outlines some lecture and tutorial topics.

7. Review questions/activities/quizzes
Units of study may contain a range of review questions, activities and quizzes. These are designed to:

  • encourage you to apply your reading to your nursing practice
  • act as self assessment so you can gauge your understanding of the material that is being presented
  • provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the unit content and consider how it relates to your nursing practice and the more specific issues you are facing.

Not all the review questions, activities and quizzes are assessable. However, they are all designed to contribute to your learning of the unit material. You are advised to complete all the review questions, activities and quizzes and document them in a learning journal that can be used as a study tool in preparation for exams.