Better welfare for Vietnamese children in adversity

26 July 2013

Jennifer Fraser enjoys a home-cooked meal with colleagues at Children

The opportunity to provide health, education and protection for children in need, and to work with nurses and doctors in children’s hospitals across Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to research child injuries has become a reality, thanks to a project led by Associate Professor Jennifer Fraser, from Sydney Nursing School at the University of Sydney.

The “Safe Children Viet Nam” project has been made possible through the UBS Optimus Foundation which works to break down barriers that prevent children from reaching their potential by funding leading organisations to improve the health, education and protection of children in any countries where children face adversity. The foundation’s overall goal is to protect children from abuse of all kinds.

Associate Professor Fraser’s two-year study of child injury presentations in Vietnam children’s hospitals already includes Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, and the participation of another hospital in the project is currently being finalised.

The team is travelling to Ho Chi Minh City in August to pave the way for the start of the ‘Safe Children Viet Nam’ project. It’s a team that’s well equipped for the task ahead. Associate Professor Fraser has conducted similar research in this field in Australia following the introduction of mandatory reporting for registered nurses in Queensland. She brings her wealth of experience in leading research programs in maternal and child health, child development and paediatric nursing. Tara Flemington is coordinating this project. For her Master of Philosophy at Sydney Nursing School Tara studied Maternal Engagement in Nurse Home Visiting Programs to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect, with the supervision of Associate Professor Fraser. This study will be the focus of Tara's PhD, also supervised by Jennifer Fraser.

To be closer to the project, Tara and her young family are relocating to Ho Chi Minh City where Tara will coordinate staff and collect data for the research study. “I’m looking forward to living and working in Vietnam and spending time with my colleagues there,” Tara said. "It will be an exciting and rewarding time ahead for the project team as well as for me and my family."

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