Cancer and palliative care


Cancer represents nearly one-fifth of the total burden of disease in Australia. Sydney Nursing School recognises the growing need for cancer and palliative care, particularly over the next decade.

Our researchers are leaders in cancer and supportive care, improving outcomes that benefit optimal recovery for cancer patients and enabling high level expertise in palliative care. Our own Cancer Nursing Chair, Professor Kate White heads the team at the Cancer Nursing Research Unit, an innovative collaboration between Sydney Nursing School, the Cancer Institute of New South Wales and the Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Our research

What does it mean to die well?

Professor Kate White was part of a panel that discussed dying well for the 2015 Sydney Ideas Watch the video:

Supporting children when a parent has cancer

Cancer is life changing. A diagnosis of cancer can bring a range of emotions, new priorities and challenges, and the need to navigate complex treatments.

Critical for all involved in cancer care is the recognition that cancer does not occur in a vacuum - it has a major impact on family, friends and colleagues. When a parent has cancer, the whole family experiences cancer.

In her Sydney Ideas seminar, Professor Kate White spoke of the important role of healthcare professionals in recognising children’s support needs, and the integral role of family in building resilience for the child and the whole family.

Listen to the lecture audio recording.