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Associate Professor Thomas Buckley
Dr Tom Buckley is an Associate Professor in the Critical/ Acute Care teaching and research team as well as Postgraduate Coordinator (Research). Tom’s primary clinical research activity is in the study of psychological and physical stressors and their impact on cardiovascular health risk. Additionally, he is an active researcher in aspects of both nurse practitioner and advanced practice nurses scope of practice.
Professor Niels Buus
Niels Buus is Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Sydney Nursing School based at St. Vincent’s Hospital/St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney where he is the leader of The Centre for Family-Based Mental Health Care. His research aims to assist people and families to recover from mental illness and disability. His research includes effects of psychosocial interventions, e-health technologies, and user-participation.
Professor Mary Chiarella
Professor Mary Chiarella is Professor of Nursing at Sydney Nursing School and an internationally renowned nurse leader with a distinguished career in nursing services. Professor Chiarella’s research interests include legal, policy and ethical issues in nursing andhealth care delivery. Examples of her research include an international review of nursing regulation; an examination of the legal and professional status of nurses; reviews and analyses of disciplinary decisions of professional tribunals; and an international review of policy in end-of-life care.
Professor Kate Curtis
Professor Kate Curtis is an internationally renowned emergency and trauma nurseclinician researcher with a special interest in trauma models of care, emergency and trauma nursing and the financial aspects of trauma systems. She is apracticing emergency nurse in the IllawarraShoalhaven, and Professorialfellow at the George Institute for Global Health and NHMRC Translation of Research into Practice Fellow (2013).
Associate Professor Jennifer Fraser
Associate Professor Jennifer Fraser has a clinical background in paediatric and child health nursing and midwifery. She now conducts research in paediatric nursing, child health, the prevention of child abuse and neglect and health workforce capacity building. Her work is focused on early intervention, developing parenting capacity, and improving professional self-efficacy among paediatrichealth care professionals.
Professor Robyn Gallagher
Robyn Gallagher is Professor of Nursing at Sydney Nursing School based at the Charles Perkins Centre and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney. Professor Gallagher’s clinical and academic career focusses on understanding and supporting patients who have cardiovascular disease throughout their recovery, encouraging and enabling good self-management and reducing their risk of future cardiovascular events through secondary prevention.
Associate Professor Christopher Gordon
Christopher Gordon has been a registered nurse since 1990, working mainly in acute and intensive care in metropolitan and rural hospitals. He is active researcher specialising in insomnia disorder with a particular interest in the interaction between sleep and body temperature.
Professor Yun-Hee Jeon
Professor Yun-Hee Jeon is a registered nurse, academic and leading Australian researcher in psychogeriatrics and gerontology. Her research focuses on developing innovative and creative approaches to improving the health andwellbeing of older people with dementia, depression or other chronic illnesses.
Associate Professor Julie Leask
Julie Leask is an Associate Professor in Sydney Nursing School and Principal Research Fellow in the School of Public Health. She is a visiting Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS) where she established the Social Science Unit from 2002.
Associate Professor Nathaniel Marshall
Associate Professor Nathaniel Marshall is a clinical triallist and epidemiologist specialising in sleep and sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, REM Behaviour disorder, and sleep duration. He uses a wide variety of epidemiological research methods and designs including randomised controlled trials and population-based cohorts, including the Busselton Health Study.
Professor Ramon Shaban
Professor Shaban is the Inaugural Clinical Chair and Professor of Infection Prevention and Control at the University of Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health District, within the Sydney Nursing School and Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity. Asan credentialled expert infection control practitioner and emergency nurse, his inter-professional expertise in infectious diseases, infection control and emergency care are the basis of a highly successful and integrated program of teaching, practice, and research.
Associate Professor Timothy Wand
Tim Wand is Associate Professor at the Sydney Nursing School and a nurse practitioner in mental health liaison in the Emergency Department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Tim has extensive experience in education and training at a clinical, undergraduate and postgraduate level and is involved in clinical research mainly around the developing specialty of mental health liaison nursing and the role of the nurse practitioner.


Professor Kate White
Kate White has worked in clinical, education and research areas specialising in cancer and palliative care throughout her career. Her major research interests are in areas of supportive care in cancer and palliative care, psychosocial and quality of life issues in cancer, the translation of research evidence into clinical cancer nursing practice and models of care with an emphasis in rural health.