Abdul-Kadir Hussein

PhD candidate

Mutual understanding is the first step to successful health care delivery: Cultural congruent nursing care for Arab Muslim with type 2 diabetes in Australia

Supervisors:John Grootjans and Jane Overland

Culturally congruent nursing care for Arab Muslim with type 2 diabetes is the main theme of this study, which depends on Leininger’s theory of cultural care diversity and universality. Understanding Arab Muslims’ cultural values and beliefs will help to diagnose the major impediments of cultural congruent care and to enhance the concept of health care delivery in multicultural nursing. This ethnonursing study will focus on Arab Muslim community in contact with cultural congruent care to discover an improved pattern to a successful heath care delivery with the culture of western orientated medical service.

Mutual understanding for both healthcare provider and client is the key word to a successful heath outcome. Therefore, the aims of this study are:

- To identify the major impediments that hinder the achievement to a successful heath care delivery in the context of transcultural nursing.
- To improve the quality of diabetic health care for Arab Muslim clients in Australia by searching the proper process to successful heath care delivery within the concept of culture care.

This study is qualitative research using ethnographic/ ethnonursing approach as a method of inquiry, which utilize participant observation and interviewing as the major techniques of data collection. Diabetic clinic at Lidcombe- Bankstown hospital is the setting of this study because the largest number of Arab Muslims is concentrated in the local area in Canterbury and Bankstown in the government of NSW.