Jeannine Moreau

PhD candidate

Interrogating/problematizing the concept of functional decline: implications for nursing knowledge, education, and practice

Supervisors: Trudy Rudge , Debra Sheets and Karen Kobayashi

Approximately 4,000 hip fractures occur in British Columbia each year leading to 1,000 deaths, ie, 20% of seniors who suffer a hip fracture die within one year (Hip Health Canada).

A common consequence for older adults hospitalised is loss of ability to perform activities necessary for ensuring their independence, a persistent problem despite research initiatives.

My research objectives are:

  1. To observe and analyse patient/nurse interactions in everyday hospital care for older adults with hip fractures on orthopedic surgery and rehab units using critical ethnography.
  2. To examine how the nurses’ care is informed and structured to better understand complexities, constraints and outcomes of care for hospitalised older adults.

My aim is to offer insight into the dynamics of hospital care for older adults through ethnography of everyday care and to achieve a deeper understanding of the connections between experiences of care provided, including nurse and patient perspectives, and the outcomes of care, including perceived and actual outcomes.