Dr Belinda Brooks

Dr Belinda Brooks
NP CDE, MSc PhD Sydney
Diabetes Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Clinical Associate Professor
Sydney Nursing School, University of Sydney

I have worked in the Diabetes Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital since 1990. This centre, being part of a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney, has a strong tradition of promoting excellence in clinical service and research. Thus, my activities in the last two decades span from providing state of the art clinical care, to teaching students and conducting research. My expertise in diabetes management, especially in the assessment of diabetes complications, led to my appointment as one of the first two nurse practitioners in diabetes in the state of NSW. Due to my experience in diabetes and the organisation of its care, I have been invited to serve on official committees which examined the standard of professional practice in public hospitals and the establishment of treatment guidelines. In parallel with my clinical duties, I have been strongly involved in teaching, including lecturing diabetes educators attending postgraduate training, as well as rural and practice nurses attending up-date sessions. I also lecture at the Sydney Nursing School, specifically students enrolled in a Master of Nurse Practitioner or Master of Clinical Trials Practice.

I have a keen interest in clinical research and this has allowed me to gain my MSc and PhD through the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sydney. Both degrees were based on topics related to diabetes vascular complications. My continuing effort in research has allowed me to produce experimental results and present them at both national and international meetings. I have a total of 16 publications in international, peer reviewed journals. The Diabetes Centre is actively involved in a large number of international, multi-centre clinical trials aimed at testing the efficacy and safety of new anti-diabetic agents or compounds targeted at preventing diabetic complications. As Head of the Clinical Trials team, I coordinate and oversee all trials performed at the Diabetes Centre.