Kate Griew

RM RN, Master of Health Science (HIV) UWS

Kate is a clinical midwifery consultant based at Canterbury Hospital who has experience in clinical midwifery education, family planning, women’s health and sexual health nursing. She has worked in community-based settings, birth centre and general maternity services. Her education background spans women’s health and maternity care, having provided lectures and clinical teaching for students and staff from midwifery and nursing, as well as for medical, Indigenous and other health workers.

Areas of interest

  • healthy and complex pregnancies
  • the impact of culture in maternity care
  • development of policy

Current research projects

  • Implementation and evaluation of a multidisciplinary clinic for Birth After Caesarean section (BAC) trial
  • Vitamin D and pregnancy – exploring the link with gestational diabetes

Recent publications

Griew K (2009) 'Birth After Caesarean Section', Midwifery News, Vol 9, (no. 3) Spring 2009 pp16–17.

Nunn R & Griew K (2007) 'Iron Supplements During Pregnancy' or ‘Do you have to be an Iron-Woman to have a baby?’, Midwifery Matters.

Freeman LM & Griew K (2007) ‘Enhancing the midwife–woman relationship through shared decision making and clinical guidelines’, Women and Birth.

Griew K (2003) ‘Birth Centre Midwifery Down Under – a snapshot of Birth Centre Midwifery in Australia’. In M Kirkham (ed.), Birth Centres: A Social Model of Midwifery. Released in April 2003. [Chapter contains brief history of birth centres in Australia and reports on qualitative research regarding midwives’ understanding of their experience working in these centres.]